Advice for Getting Through the First Year as a Nurse

You have passed your exam, graduated from nursing school, and gotten your first nursing job. The hard work you put in has paid off, right? Not really. The truth is the challenging work has just begun because the journey of becoming a practicing nurse may not be the easiest. Your first year as a nurse will most likely be incredibly ...
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Effective Nurse Stress Management Techniques

Unfortunately, nurse stress and burnout can go hand in hand. The long and irregular hours, and a stressful environment can negatively impact your physical and mental health. The good news is that there are many nurse stress management techniques that you can use to reduce nurse stress and burnout. Below are 7 nurse stress management techniques that have proven successful ...
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How to Improve Collaboration on Nursing Teams

Collaboration on nursing teams is very important because lack of that can be frustrating and it can negatively impact everyone involved. This includes the patients and families who are counting on you all to work as a team. Doctors and allied healthcare staff is one of your professional and legal responsibilities as a nurse. Regardless of your feelings towards that ...
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How to Write an Excellent Nursing Research Paper

Writing a good nursing research paper can be a challenging exercise for students. Sometimes the students are overwhelmed with information that must be obtained through months-long research that is always combined with prolonged hours of clinical practice. Unraveling such information in a well-organized way may sound like an impossible process, to the point that you might even want to avoid ...
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Nursing Diagnosis

How to write a nursing diagnosis

A nursing diagnosis has been defined as a clinical judgment that concerns how humans respond to health conditions/life processes. Compared to medical diagnosis, this analyzes the needs of the patient. Step by Step Guide on How to Write a Nursing Diagnosis Step 1. Check the symptoms of the patient Observe the injuries of the patient or signs and symptoms of their state ...
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nursing diagnosis

All you need to know about nursing profession

Know the role of each type of nursing professional A hospital is not just made up of doctors. Quite the opposite! It is the various employees of the place, with their respective and important functions, that make the hospital work correctly and with maximum efficiency. Among these indispensable employees are nurses. But did you know that there are several types of nursing professionals, ...
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how to make notes effectively in a nursing class

How to Make Notes Effectively in a Nursing Class

How to Make Notes Effectively in a Nursing Class While one nursing student takes notes on a laptop, the other prefers making notes with a pen on paper. These days, a laptop is often required for every course, since study materials are usually distributed online. Furthermore, typing is often quicker than writing. Even so, scientific research states that making notes ...
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